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Nery E. Chales

Nery E. Chales is a Los Angeles base artist that is very influence by Japanese anime, pop culture, sci-fi and horror - the main topics of his profile. As a boy he was already showing signs of a great desire to do art. While in school the only thing he wanted to do is be in the art department just to be around art. After H.S he was just doing small commissions For friends and for people he was refer too.

For the past years Nery has being doing acrylic paintings of anime and anything that revolves in the comic book world. But he doesn’t do it alone, his sister Yuri Chales is at the helm with him in his art journey. Together they work from their small studio base in their home and are known as Aniyury Studios.

In October 2018 at Los Angeles Comic Con, Nery meet Scott Hattox at his booth. As he and his sister were checking his art, Scott approach them and began to have a long conversation about art and the love for Star Wars and comics. In that conversation Nery showed Scott his work of his anime paintings and Scott was intrigued on his art work and how much love they put into their work. 5 months later Scott introduced Nery to Rob Prior, thats when everything started coming along for Nery as Rob accepted him as a apprentice. With the help of Rob and Scott, Nery and his sister were able to to their first ever Comic Con in their home town (LA) their Long time dream. Now that Nery is an apprentice of Rob’s and Scott he’s now expose more to different styles of art which includes Gouache on watercolor paper, inks and airbrush but still keeps true to his media Acrylic.

Nery is known to give his very best to making people happy with his art “The best thing as an artist is to to see the reaction of the client/friends on the art I created for them”... thats something he always says to people he talks too about art. His work and sister’s could be follow on Instagram and Facebook at (aniyury_studios) or email them at