Introducing the $PRIOR Coin

I’m super excited to be launching $PRIOR, a new kind of “creator coin” or social token. Having $PRIOR is a way to not only interact more with y’all…and build an even stronger community…but I’m also really excited to share some amazing, exclusive benefits!

The purpose of a social token is to help create a new kind of economy around the things I create and ways to share all of that with YOU, my fans and collectors. Things like the weekly Instagram Live are awesome…but I’ll be able to host more intimate events, introduce new and exclusive products, showing off special, limited-edition Rob Prior art prints as well as exclusive NFT’s!

Why a creator coin?

Artists like me and fans like you are discovering new ways to engage, stay in touch and be in community. At the same time, it’s no secret that digital art forms like NFTs and other forms of media are here to stay.

Creator platforms (like certain socials) have started including financial features to enable communities to support the work of their favorite creators — I may make it look easy but a lot goes on behind the scenes to bring all of the work I do to the world!

Having a social token, I’ll be able to offer so many things I’ve been trying to do. A few include:

  • recognize & reward my most engaged fans and friends with gifts
  • receive support and contributions from my fans and followers for the kind of images they want to see
  • provide the community of fans a way to interact and trade with one another in a zero-fee, peer-to-peer experience
  • enable $PRIOR coin holders the opportunity to receive Rally Rewards each Saturday (FAQ)
  • engage in a creative process, contributing to new creative endeavors

Is the $PRIOR coin a cryptocurrency?

It is! The $PRIOR coin, or token, is created on Rally’s sidechain, powered by the Ethereum mainnet network. Rally Network is an open and decentralized network that operates under its own ERC-20 governance token, $RLY. You may be wondering, what the heck does that mean? Basically, Rally created its own currency that operates on Ethereum’s blockchain, and it allows creators like me to make my own crypto coin. It’s really pretty cool!

Best of all, Rally tokens can convert into $ETH, which you can then swap into standard “fiat” currency — the fancy way of saying the stuff in your bank account. You aren’t locked into $RLY for life. All you’d be charged are the “gas’ fees for the transactions.

Ready to get your own $PRIOR coin?

Rally is built for fans and for creators — not for crypto experts. That means they’ve made it super-easy to sign up and buy creator coins with a credit card. (Just know there are some third-party processing fees that you may see.) It’s super simple to navigate the site, super simple to use, and super fun.

It can be purchased with your credit card (third-party fees may apply) and using other cryptocurrencies. ***There are no fees for transactions within the Rally Network which means that you can send to friends and support multiple creators within the network quickly and as much as you like with no fees.

Here’s how easy it is to support me on Rally.io. And while you’re there, maybe check out some of the other creators who are sharing content. You never know who you’ll discover there!

To buy your Rally tokens with a debit or credit card, here are the steps:

Step 1: Create a Rally Account

Step 2: Visit the $PRIOR Page

Step 3: Tap BUY

Step 4: Choose Debit or Credit Card

Step 5: Complete the Transaction

Step 6: Download Discord

Step 7: Engage with other Fans, Collectors and Rob!


To purchase $PRIOR coins with cryptocurrency, the process is a little more involved but can be found in detail here.

Can I take my money out of $PRIOR coin?

Of course you can! But before you do, remember, this token is meant for usage for different products and services provided in the $PRIOR ecosystem and you get rewards for just holding onto the tokens in your account! You also get paid out those rewards each week as long as you have the tokens in your wallet. However, if you are ready to get out of the creator coin market, you can sell your $PRIOR Coins for $RLY Tokens. Then using the bridgeout function, send the $RLY Token to a Web3 Wallet using wallet connect (i.e. Trust Wallet, Metamask, etc.). Then your $RLY cane sent to Coinbase and cashed out into your personal account. There is no lock-in period, although there might be gas fees charged (fees that fuel the Ethereum Network) for each conversion. There is also a fee for selling the creator coin that goes back to the creator’s ecosystem.


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